ASEAN-Korea Migration Network

The Korean Government already set action plans for promoting co-prosperity with the international community based on The Second Basic Plan for Immigration Policy (2013-2017). To enhance international cooperation with sending countries is one of the primary action plans that support a “development-friendly immigration policy”. Although the policy direction towards a “development-friendly” migration strategy is raised to relevant government bodies, the concept of the policy is yet to be broadly integrated and demonstrated in initiatives on developments through migration.

The Program 3 is the process where the awareness of the connection between migration and development expanded through Program 1 and 2 is materialized. Through this program, ASEAN migrants residing in Korea would have a chance to contribute to the development of their origin countries, becoming major actors for implementing brain circulation.

The success of the pilot program can be an effective evidence of 'development-friendly' migration policy driven by the migrants themselves.The program will first target as its pilot beneficiaries the ASEAN students and skilled migrants in Korea.

Specificall, the objectives of Program 3 are:

  • To develop and support programs that will enable migrants from ASEAN countries residing in Korea to contribute to the development of their home countries
  • To enable migrants from ASEAN residing in Korea to impart their knowledge, experiences and skills acquired from Korea