ASEAN-Korea Migration Network

Discussions on international migration within the ASEAN region are mostly led by related international organisations or non-governmental organisations rather than among national governments. Likewise, discussions regarding various political, economic and socio-cultural influence that international migration has on sending and receiving countries and the significance that such influence has on ASEAN integration needs to be earnestly addressed within ASEAN, the organisation of national governments.

Thus far, there is only trifling dialogues at the regional level about how to address the ripple effects caused by international migration or factors that cause international migration. Since international migration is a cross-cutting issue, it is necessary to enable regional-level education and training for government officials from ASEAN and Korea.

The Program 2 of this project will invite 20 participants from relevant governments of ASEAN and Korea to undergo a three-day education and training workshops on key areas of migration.

Specifically, the objectives of Program 2 are:

  • To understand the significance of intra-regional cooperation in migration for common prosperity
  • To learn from different migration policies and practices among ASEAN states and Korea and to find the possible collaboration between ASEAN and Korea in migration